The programme aims to increase the awareness of potential target market tourists regarding the possibilities and tourism products of Estonia as a tourism destination, and create purchasing desire; increase the incoming information queries from foreign markets regarding Estonia as a tourism destination and tourism products; inform the target market travel agencies about the possibilities of Estonia as a tourism destination and tourism products.

The target markets with the greatest potential to generate an attractive return on marketing investment have been prioritised taking account of their Market Size, the number of trips made to Estonia, and the general attractiveness of Estonia For Estonia as a tourism destination, mainly the residents of fellow EU Member States, especially nearby markets, including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Spain, Italy, are of great potential and are a priority, which also includes the Estonian domestic tourist, etc. The priority of the target market and the potential result are the basis for determining the volume of activities implemented on the target market.

The target markets with the greatest potential to generate an attractive return on marketing investments can be defined in five categories:
1. Primary markets: Finland, Russia, Germany, Sweden.
2. Secondary markets: Norway, Great Britain, Latvia.
3. Domestic tourism
4. Tertiary markets:
 Poland, Italy, France, Lithuania, Spain.
5. Developing markets: Japan, USA.

Estonian tourism services and products have been divided into five main themes: touring around the cities; countryside tourism; health tourism; nature tourism and the promotion of knowledge. For every priority target market a set of themes and product groups have been chosen for promotion in the coming years. The action strategy and trends related to the promotion of knowledge (incentive and conference tourism) are additionally developed in cooperation with the Estonian Conference Bureau.

The awareness activities of the end consumers only aim to promote Estonia as a tourism destination and introduce Estonia’s tourism offers where the decisions in favour of different tourism destinations are made. To that end, marketing channels are used where the target market population mainly plans travelling and searches for travel-related information.

Campaigns and advertisements introducing attractive tourism products and PR will be geared towards the public in the target market in order to increase awareness of and reinforce the reputation of Estonia as a suitable tourism destination on important target markets. With regard to activities, the main marketing channels include Internet environments, premier travel books, offering of Estonian package tours by target market tour operators or target market journalistic publications. The aim is to extend the length-of-stay in Estonia, favour first-time visits from remote markets and repeat visits from near markets and visits outside the peak season, and to expand the customer base to different age groups.

The potential consumer will be directed to the Estonian Tourist Board website ( The main communication channel of the campaign therefore constitutes different web environments and activities directly referring to webs. Different media channels are additionally used in order to create interest. There will be constant occupation with the key words used on web pages, page headers and other information, so that the web pages might be more easily found with search engines.

The introduction of the possibilities of domestic tourism for Estonian residents will continue the current trend, launching seasonal product campaigns in the environment.

The introduction of Estonia as a tourism destination will continue to use in the design language the results of the Brand Estonia project for visual solutions. No separate messages will be developed from the Brand Estonia project, since each market will be approached individually and according to a product group / theme. The theme phrase “Nordic with a Twist” will continue to be used as the main summarising name, which the tourists believe better characterises Estonia. With the continuation of Brand Estonia and with the development of innovations this phrase is also adopted by the promotion of Destination Estonia.

At the same time, the Estonian Tourist Board constantly continues to implement target market research and concept development in order to complement the content and volume of the services provided on the target markets as appropriate, or to commence activities on new emerging target markets.

Cooperation models for implementing activities on target markets

As a rule, the general impact of the target market on the consumer is the combined result of the marketing activities of a state-financed tourism organisation and local authorities and tourism enterprises themselves. Therefore it is useful to coordinate the activities of Marketing Destination Estonia with the marketing plans of as many other stakeholders as possible. Working in partnership implies that both parties reap some rewards, and as a result, the partners in combination can achieve certain goals which would otherwise be much harder or impossible to achieve. The marketing strategy emphasises the development of a strong marketing partnership; the incorporation of both air and sea carriers, target market tour operators, Estonian incoming travel trade, service providers and representatives of Estonian regions. The main elements of partnership tourism are coordinated activity and cooperation.

The main cooperation partners for the Estonian Tourist Board in implementing the Marketing Destination Estonia Programme include:
• Sea and air carriers
• Target market tour operators
• Service providers – nationwide associations, hotel chains, individual entrepreneurs
• Regional stakeholders – city and county governments, regions
• Estonian incoming travel agents and tour operators.

Local governments and their associations play an important role, being ready not only to improve their region, but also uniting the efforts of several small tourism enterprises in their region.

Destination Estonia activities mainly aim to achieve the following objectives:
1. increase the awareness of potential target market tourists of the possibilities and tourism products of Estonia as a tourism destination, and create purchasing desire;
2. increase the incoming information queries from foreign markets regarding Estonia as a tourism destination and the tourism products;
3. inform the target market tour operators about the possibilities and tourism products of Estonia as a tourism destination.

Result indicators 2008-2010
Average share of potential visitors from priority target markets (considers a visit to Estonia in the next 3 years likely) (share) initial level 
2007 15%
2010: 20%

The number of incoming information queries regarding Estonia as a tourism destination and the tourism products (foreign visitors and domestic tourism) – the Internet and Tourist Information Centres (number)
2008: 1 370 000
2009: 1 500 000
2010: 1 650 000

Marketing Destination Estonia Action Strategy 2008-2010 serves as the basis for drawing up an annual action plan for the Marketing Destination Estonia. Marketing Destination Estonia acitivities are carried out by the marketing team of Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Tourist Board: .

Target markets and co-operation opportunities 2008-2010

Marketing Destination Estonia is supported by the European Union Regional Development Fund.