50 base jumpers to jump of Tallinn TV tower

03. July 2012

Tallinn TV Tower is proud to host the first major BASE jumping event in Estonia – Tallinn TV Tower B.A.S.E. Boogie 2012. On 11-13 July, 50 extreme athletes from all over the world will jump off the tower, performing various tricks as they descend.

The list of entrants filled up quickly and is now closed. On the other hand, there will be unlimited room for spectators and the spectacle is FREE OF CHARGE. Come and be part of the spine-tingling excitement!

Event organizer Toomas Talts said in an interview with basejump.ee that the TV Tower has long been a tempting site but there was no possibility of a jump before renovation. He said some of the athletes due to arrive are world-class and worth seeing in person. “Most people never see BASE jumps at all,” he said.

Talts made his own first BASE jump years ago in Croatia, off the Limska Draga bridge. A few years ago he and companions set a world record that still stands – 53 people jumped off a cliff simultaneously.

Source: Tallinn TV tower homepage