A new virtual tour introduces University of Tartu best sights

04. April 2011

University of Tartu has completed a new virtual tour introducing visitors its famous historical buildings, museums and other noteworthy sights. The tour is available both in Estonian and English and located at www.ut.ee/virtuaaltour .

Ingrid Maiste, the head of marketing of University of Tartu who lead the creation process, says such virtual tours have become more and more popular around the world. The university can now introduce it’s best sights and the city of Tartu in a better way both for Estonians and foreigners.

 “The novel virtual tour might interest our new students and visitors but also the university staff. The photo galleries include exclusive items that are usually not open for public viewing, such as the death mask of Alexander Pushkin and many rare books from university libraries. The tour will also serve as a fun introduction to Tartu city for the many conference visitors and tourists,” said Maiste.

 The virtual tour will take the visitor to the main building of the university and it’s art museum, history museum, natural history museum, library and botanic gardens. The tour allows one to rise up to the tower basis of Tartu Dome Cathedral, admire the plants of the tropical Palm House in the Botanic Gardens and study photo collections of the university’s history and science.

 The visitor can also virtually experience the Old Anatomical Theatre, see memorials or monuments of the persons related to the university, take a walk in the beautiful Toome Hill and other city center locations. Tartu Old Observatory will be added to the tour this spring after it’s renovation works are finished.

The 360-degree tour was created by OÜ VirtuaalStuudio.

Additional info: Ingrid Maiste, UT head of marketing, phone +372 737 6123, ingrid.maiste@ut.ee

 Anneli Miljan

University of Tartu spokesperson
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