A winter safari and ski trip in Kakerdaja bog

In Kakerdaja bog, we can go on a ski trip on wide hiking skis that can be attached to any type of footwear.

To offer you a special experience, we are going to drive you to the bog in ZIL safari trucks! These are 6x6 trucks of Soviet origin meant for military use and rough terrains. At the back, there is enough room for 35–40 people.

Minimum size of the group is 15, and maximum size is 60 people.

Programme for the day:

We meet in Paunküla.

We get on safari trucks and drive to the bog.

At the bog, we will put on hiking skis (if there is no snow, then bogshoes). The hike is 4 km long. At the end of the hike, we are going to reach a camp site, enjoy sitting by a campfire, and have a meal.

Please take along: Clothes that are suitable for the weather (water and coldproof) and warm footwear.

Features and amenities
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