In Narva Castle, right on the Russian border, see what our silversmiths, carpenters and weavers managed to produce despite centuries of fighting there between the Swedes and Russians.

We have taken the best from elsewhere and improved it locally. Given there are so few of us, we are very proud of the impact we have made outside Estonia. Estonian composer, Arvo Pärt, is in demand all over the world and there are few countries where painter Jüri Arrak has not exhibited. Few of us can equal their brilliance but what we can all do is sing. Come and hear us, not in our tens, and not in our hundreds but in our thousands as our voices roar across the Song Festival Grounds on the outskirts of Tallinn.

For a quieter and more professional performance, remember that we have four opera houses around the country and numerous music related events and festivals all year round.

Every town in Estonia has at least one museum or art gallery and many villages do as well.

  • If strawberries are your scene, go to Viljandi where the town’s most famous artist, Paul Kondas painted almost nothing else.
  • If you prefer nudes, Evald Okas is your man, well into his 90s but still going strong. His gallery is in the coastal spa town of Haapsalu.
  • At the Chaplin Art Centre in Pärnu, a wide range of modern painters are exhibited. What brings them here is their sense of the ridiculous and their desire to provoke.

Estonia may be a small country but its sculptors think big. One piece in Rakvere weighs seven tons and is seven metres long. Sculptors can now of course do what they like but take a peep into the basement of the Tallinn Occupation Museum to recall the times when this was not the case. This is where all the statues of Soviet bigwigs are kept and from where they will never be allowed to escape.

If you want dip deeper into Estonian culture then come and stay a while!