You can bring in unrestricted goods for your own personal use.

Cigarettes and Alcohol

There is not much point in bringing cigarettes or alcohol as these are often cheaper in Estonia than in most other countries. Many people come on day trips to take advantage of significant savings.

If you are from Britain remember you can only take 40 cigarettes (or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars) back home, although there is no restriction on alcohol. To other EU countries, you can take as much as you like, for your personal use.

If you arrive in Estonia from a non-EU country, such as Russia or Norway, you can bring in 40 cigarettes and a 1 liter bottle of strong spirits (or up to 4 liters of wine).

Travelling to Estonia with Animals

You may, upon entry into Estonia, bring along up to 5 pets. The animal must have:

  • An identification microchip or tattoo.
  • A valid pet animal passport or certificate.
  • Been vaccinated against rabies (coming from certain countries, a blood test may be required).

More than five pets are considered a commercial quantity and therefore you will need to submit a written declaration. Your pets will have to enter through approved border inspection posts, they must have a veterinary certificate and pass a veterinary examination.


Each traveller entering or leaving the EU with €10,000 or more cash must submit a declaration to customs officials. Cash and coins, cheques (including traveller’s cheques), bonds, postal orders, shares are considered as cash.