The goal of the programme is to increase the competitiveness of Estonia as a travel destination through improving the quality of tourist products and services and broadening the selection. The programme is suitable primarily for SMEs and it is based on the presumption that each tourist enterprise that has picked the right target group is able to meet or exceed customers’ expectations by way of the right management.

Enterprises that are devoted to developing quality and successfully implement the programme are recognised with the diploma called "People Committed to Quality". The recognition informs customers and the public that the enterprise is ready to make an effort in the name of its customers’ well-being.

Joining the programme could be of interest for tourist enterprises that wish to:

  • raise customer satisfaction;
  • involve their employees in the activities of the company;
  • evaluate their activities and thus improve the management of the company;
  • compare themselves with others;
  • receive an expert assessment of their activities;
  • gain additional thoughts on how and where to go on.

What exactly is the quality programme about?

In the framework of the quality programme 6 training sessions are organised for entrepreneurs and in the framework of these:

  • enterprises organise their self-evaluation and identify the areas that are to be improved;
  • enterprises draw up a quality plan for the purpose of introduction of the improvements of at least 2-3 areas in the enterprise;
  • enterprises analyse the path of the customer in the enterprise and find opportunities for improvement (e.g. creation of a customer feedback system, etc.);
  • enterprises train their employees in the principles of customer-centredness and, in the case of active holidays, also in risk management;
  • to obtain the recognition, enterprises also undergo external evaluation.

Recognition “People Committed to Quality”

A decision on recognition is made on the basis of the results of external evaluation and materials submitted by the enterprise. The recognition “Sign of solid development” is valid for 1-2 years. To obtain the recognition, the enterprise must be dedicated to quality development and customer-centredness.

Benefits for entrepreneurs:

  • possibility of standing out and gaining publicity through national recognition;
  • contacts and possibilities of comparing the enterprise with other enterprises;
  • impartial feedback on the functioning of the enterprise from external evaluators;
  • quality management measures and training in using them;
  • specialist advice at quality program training and round tables.

We are looking forward to such tourist enterprises throughout Estonia where the executives are interested in the substantive development of the enterprise and willing to devote their time to it.

The list of recognised enterprises is available here.

How to join the quality programme?

You can join the quality programme in every autumn and tourist quality information days will also be organised in the autumn. Please inform us of your desire to participate using the following contact information.

The programme is financed from the European Social Fund.

Estonian Tourism Quality Programme Coordinator

Kadri Tammik
Estonian Tourist Board
Phone + 372 6279 452