Rural accommodation establishments such as home accommodation providers, holiday homes, holiday villages, camps etc, can apply for the cornflower accreditation. Only two ranks, the third (three cornflowers) and the second rank (two cornflowers) are offered, depending on the assessment conducted by an expert and a final decision made by the commission.

So, what does the rural accommodation quality label mean?

Different factors, such as the general environment, the additional services , how well the place be found and how easy it is to navigate on the premises, whether there is sufficient information available, how big the rooms are and how they are decorated define the overall “client satisfaction”. Each little factor may be critically important in making a holiday a pleasant experience. All of those factors (hundreds of them) are checked by the expert during an inspection visit.

Three cornflowers (the third rural accommodation quality rank) is the highest rank given: it means the establishment has done everything in their power to ensure guests have a lovely experience on holiday.

Two cornflowers (the second rural accommodation quality rank) means the establishment has done more than required by the law and that different additional services are available for guests.

* The first rank is not given out, as the minimum standards have been set by the law: Accommodation providers are not allowed to offer official accommodation services without fulfilling the basic criteria in comfort, hygiene and additional services.

Qualification process for cornflower rank:

It is a voluntary process for the business owners to apply for the rural accommodation quality label and once they’ve been accredited, the Cornflower grade is valid for 3 years. Not all businesses choose to participate in the programme, regardless of their standards and quality, so the absence of a cornflower accreditation does not suggest mean holidaymakers should stay away or mistrust it.

By certainly, guests can be reassured that rural accommodation establishments with a cornflower rank have proven their ability and their desire to achieve approved benchmarks of quality and service.