Please review the following press trip guidelines we have comprised to ensure that everyone involved in your visit is satisfied:

1. Freelance journalists and independent tourist experts are hosted according to possibilities, preferred are travel journalists on assignment.

2. All Request Forms for complimentary travel must be submitted to Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Tourist Board (ETB) at least four weeks before departure.

3. The press trip expectations and special interests should be announced in writing, this allows us to find available lodging and arrange an itinerary to enhance your visit.

4. The press trip itinerary will be composed latest 15 days before the press trip and it should be confirmed in writing.

5. No changes will be done to confirmed travel itinerary 7 working days before the press trip.

6. Applications may only be cancelled 7 working days before the press trip. Otherwise in the case of cancellation by the applicant, Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Tourist Board reserves the right to impose a charge to cover costs incurred as a result of the cancellation.

7. If accommodation, while visiting Estonia, is covered by ETB, the visit cannot outlast more than 7 days (6 overnights) including the whole the visit to the country.

8. If Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau (TCTO & CB) pays for journalist’s accommodation in Tallinn, the visit cannot outlast more than 4 days (3 overnights).

9. The program in Tallinn will be arranged in co-operation with other partners (TCTO&CB).

10. The Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Tourist Board arranges press trips outside of Tallinn and provides assistance to journalists on assignment by arranging:

  • the itinerary to visit attractions, cultural venues and other points of interest covered in articles, books and broadcasts.
  • Assistance with travel arrangements to Estonia, if necessary, is provided on a case-by-case basis.
  • ETB will offer recommendations and can help with arrangements for meals during your visit.
  • ETB will provide destination escorts as needed, high-resolution photography and fact checking.
  • ETB will assist with complimentary accommodation based on scope of planned Estonia article(s) and availability of hotel rooms in the destination.

11. All articles should include reference to, that the writer's trip was sponsored by EU and contact info as appropriate (hotels, museums, attractions etc.)

12. It is compulsory for the journalist to send the supporters a copy of your article once it runs.

13. Media assistance cannot be provided on holidays, high occupancy periods and blackout dates.

14. Please note that complimentary arrangements are provided at the discretion of the host and are subject to availability.

For additional information please contact:
Estonian Tourist Board
Phone: +372 6279 770