Source: 360 Kraadi OÜ

Adventure in the Old Town - a gripping adventure game on the streets of Old Town of Tallinn!

Adventure game is suitable for foreign visitors as a way to learn about the Old Town, or as a fun company event. This is an adventure that takes you to all significant landmarks of the Old Town of Tallinn. The game involves walking, puzzles, team work, the aura of the medieval Old Town and modern technology!

In the beginning of the game, we divide all participants into teams (3–5 persons). Goal is to find answers to the questions about the most interesting places in the Old Town. The team is lead by a map on a tablet, and questions will be revealed once the team reaches the correct spot. In order to answer, the team needs a thirst for discoveries and for new knowledge.

The sample price is for a group of 10.

Features and amenities
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