Al Bano Carrisi (Itaalia)

Al Bano, the performer of the legendary hit song “Felicita” will be giving a spectacular open-air concert at the Italian Culture and Wine Days in Haapsalu

On 3 June next year, Al Bano will perform at the Italian Culture and Wine Days in Haapsalu. The musician who is giving his first ever performance in Estonia is coming here on the recommendation of maestro Toto Cutugno who performed in Haapsalu this year.

Al Bano began his career exactly 50 years ago when he was able to perform on the Italian television and several popular national festivals as a young boy. Just a year later, he released a song titled “Nel Sole”, which achieved massive success within three months, selling more than 600 000 copies in Italy. Shortly after that, he began working together with his future wife Romina Power. The era’s most famous couple in Europe came out with the hit song “Felicita” in 1982 – it immediately reached the billboards and the listeners’ hearts. And they remain there. Al Bano’s songs “Felicita”, “Ci Sara”, “Tu Soltanto Tu” are to this day synonymous with romantic Italian music. On his 50th stage anniversary, Al Bano continues to be one of the most appreciated Italian musicians all over Europe. He will be coming to Estonia with his backing band consisting of twenty top musicians and his entourage.

In his free time, the legendary singer leads a spa-hotel by his own name in Southern Italy and he also owns a world famous winery, the products of which are highly valued among experts and enjoyers. Thanks to a special agreement, Al Bano’s wine selection will be represented at the next year’s Italian Culture and Wine Days in Haapsalu. The closest place we could go to enjoy Al Bano’s wines at any time would be the restaurant Felicita situated in Old Town of Riga. The guests to the concert held on 3 June are also offered Al Bano’s wine selection.

Al Bano’s grand concert will take place in the yard of the Haapsalu Castle on 3 June in the framework of the next Italian Culture and Wine days in Haapsalu. During the wine festivities, Haapsalu, often called the Venice of the Nordic countries, will be full of Italian flavours, great wines, and music. There will be various exhibitions and tastings. The event sees thousands of admirers, from both Estonia and abroad, of the Italian culture every year.

This year, the headliner of the Italian Culture and Wine Days in Haapsalu was Toto Cutugno, whose performance set the absolute audience record of the last ten years in the Haapsalu Castle. The warm welcome he received proved to be so touching for Toto Cutugno that he recommended his good friend Al Bano to take part in it. Watch Toto Cutugno’s concert here:

Ticket sales for Al Bano’s magnificent Italian music concert begins on the 12 October at 10 AM at the Piletilevi sales points. Quicker buyers will be able to purchase tickets for only 19 euros.

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Al Bano Carrisi (Itaalia)

03.06.2017, 19:00 - 23:59

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