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Alatskivi Fort

Alatskivi Fort, the fort of ancient Estonians, was probably used as a vassal stronghold in the 13th and 14th centuries. The fort is protected by lakes in the south and the south-east and a slope that is 10 metres high on the northern side. The fort is surrounded by a moat that is a couple of metres deep and 5 m wide. The yard of the stronghold has an oval shape.
Interesting facts: - old folk stories say that stone cellars with iron doors are hidden inside the hill. People believe that squires used to lock rebellious peasants there in the old times.

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  • GHWrede GHWrede
    Fancy "castle" in Alatskivi

    The Alatskivi castle / fort / loss / mõis has both a museum and a restaurant. At my visit there the restaurant was booked for a wedding, it seemed to be very popular for those events. A guided tour...

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