Allikaravitseja /ˈʌlːɪˌkʌˈrʌ.vɪˌtze.jʌ/

Last updated 04.08.2016

Allikaravitseja /ˈʌlːɪˌkʌˈrʌ.vɪˌtze.jʌ/

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You are the Healing Elf of the Springs. Everyone admires your grace and delicacy. A fact you're well aware of, and yet you only open up to those who deserve it. As a people reading expert, it's easy for you to spot those whose intentions are pure and those whose aren’t. Like Allikaravitseja, appearing as a reflection on the water, you always feel the necessity of being sure and careful to approach people delicately and with subtlety. Once convinced of their good intentions, you're ready to open your beautiful spirit to them. With a companion like you, a healer of souls, they're truly blessed.

Springs and witch’s wells

You are one with these pure waters – powerful yet fragile at the same time. Eternally fresh and innocent, springs are magical sources of health. Their youthful flow and energizing babble freshens your spirit and heals your wounds. Witch’s wells are also a little bit mysterious, offering excitement to the more adventurous souls.


Rivers and lakes

Water is your element. You love being near it, in it, and one with it. Grow your spirit by drawing strength from rivers and their mighty flow. They can even enhance your magical healing powers and help you to find your inner harmony. The other times it is wonderful to sit by a lake and sense the beauty of its stillness. Relax. Enjoy!



Even elves sometimes need variety, and bogs will definitely offer you something different. These wetlands are the opposite of playful springs and rivers. Bogs are old, bogs are still, bogs are dark. They have their own kind of magic. Their distinct scent and rustic colors will guide your senses as you explore. What will you discover?

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