Anime Festival Kicks Off, Fans Mourn for Japan

18. April 2011

The opening ceremony of the fifth Japanese Animation Film Festival, taking place in Tallinn on April 15, will be dedicated to the Japanese earthquake victims.

The 9.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan on March 11 was followed by a tsunami that flooded the northeastern coast, and caused a partial nuclear meltdown in the Fukushima power plant.

The tragedy gives the 10-day Japanese Animation Film Festival a sad undertone, ETV reported.

During the opening ceremony, the symphony orchestras of Tallinn Music School and Georg Ots Music School will perform the songs from popular Japanese anime soundtracks.

The festival's main films are related to the ocean, which in Japanese animation is tied with themes of outer space, parallel worlds and incredible scientific achievements.

In cooperation with the Kyoto International Manga Museum, the festival will also include exhibits of photographs and films portraying the lives of Japanese youth. There will also be performances by foreign guests and a costume show.