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Ants Laikmaa's Home Museum

Artist Ants Laikmaa was born in the Vigala Rural Municipality in Lääne County on 5 May 1866. 

A. Laikmaa studied painting in St. Petersburg and at the Academy of Arts in Dusseldorf; his favourite technique was pastel. He mostly painted natural landscapes and portraits of Estonian intelligentsia and the farmers of West Estonia.

The artist made his last home in Lääne County in the village of Kadarbik. The house was constructed according to the artist's own drawings and it is surrounded by a gorgeous natural park.

The ground floor of the home museum houses an exhibition about the life of the master. On the upper floor, you will find his studio, study and bedroom with personal belongings and ethnographic antiquities.

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  • SydneyMaie SydneyMaie
    Art and nature

    As well as a collection of photographs relating to artist Ants Laikma's life and a reproduction of his living quarters, this house museum has a beautiful garden with trees dedicated to famous...

  • 050799 050799
    Здесь был Холмс...

    Этот дом известный эстонский художник Антс Лайкмаа строил всю свою жизнь. Дом эклектичен, но в нем сохранился удивительный патриархальный покой первых десятилетий ХХ века. А еще здесь снимались...

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