Äntu-Nõmme nature studies trail

The Äntu-Nõmme nature studies trail is located in a thickly forested part of the Äntu nature reserve. Situated 7–10 km south–south-east of Väike-Maarja, the trail passes by seven natural lakes and an artificial one (a reservoir) in Äntu and three artificial lakes in Nõmme. Along the trail you will see important historical and literary places, as well as Punamägi hill, which was home to Southern Virumaa’s biggest stronghold, Agelinde. The trail also introduces limestone production and slate sites in the ‘Pandivere Slate Nation’. The trail is 21 km long in total, but is made up of four parts which can be traversed independently. These individual sections measure 6 km, 3 km, 4 km and 8 km (3+5 km).

Features and amenities
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