Authentic Dutch-style windmill starts operating in Albu

02. November 2009

After a long period of desolation, the 18th century windmill located at Seidla manor has been put to work again and will be utilized with its historic function – it will be open to visitors as a working museum and workshop

Seidla windmill is one of the few Dutch-style windmills in Estonian cultural history with its inner machinery and functions still intact. The windmill is so well preserved that no other similar one can be found in mainland Estonia. Renovation works at the Seidla manor (located in Albu, 80 kilometres from Tallinn) were started in July this year.


Visitors of the restored windmill can see functioning mechanisms and the miller’s flouring of grain, the service of flouring is also provided to small-scale farmers. Consumption of whole food is becoming increasingly popular in Estonia and the windmill adds its value through flour and flour products created with the power of the wind.


Once every year a Mill Day will be held at Albu, next year it will take place in August, when autumn grain has become ripe. Mill Day will include workshops, to where all people interested in the restoration of Dutch-style windmills are invited to: windmill owners, restorers and others. As the popularity of baking bread at home is also gaining popularity in Estonia, then workshops regarding bread-baking will also be held in the future. Currently, the museum family itself already offers self-baked bread to museum visitors.

The restoration project of Seidla windmill took place under the guidance of specialists from the Netherlands and the restoration was supported by Enterprise Estonia’s small project program aimed at increasing competitiveness of regions.


Additional information:

MTÜ Seidla Tuuleveski
Seidla village, Albu parish, Järvamaa
Triinu Lamp, tel.+372 52 10113