Avinurme Woodworking Centre

Avinurme Woodworking Centre is a tourism centre which is home to local craftsmen. It offers the widest selection of woodwork products in Estonia, including dozens of sauna and household items. You can even put your own skills to the test! The centre organises a variety of workshops, from basket-weaving and felting to bread-making, candle-making, painting and more. The cosy coffee shop offers home-made cakes and pastries, fresh bread and other treats. Arranged in advance, it can provide catering for groups of up to 80 people.

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  • Derettens Derettens
    Eco-friendly wood-ware shop and cafe

    Located on the Via Hanseatica - the former trade route that linked Riga (Latvia) with St Petersburg (Russia) passing through Valga and Tartu (southern Estonia) and Narva (north-eastern...

  • GreteSmiles GreteSmiles
    Authentic Estonian handicraft

    This is one of the stores that I'd wish to find in every country. Original and traditional local handicraft available as authentic travel memories. Most of the things are kitchen-ware related and...

  • MKalinko MKalinko
    Спрятались от дождя. Дождь закончился, а мы не уходили...

    Впервые упоминается в 1599 году, как деревня Авинорма (нем. Awinorma). К настоящему времени от построек мызы Авинурме практически ничего не сохранилось. С давних пор посёлок и окружавшие его лесные...

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