Bank of Estonia Museum

The Bank of Estonia Museum is situated in a historical building in the heart of Tallinn constructed in 1904 as the headquarters of Aadlipank.

The exhibition rooms shelter history – video clips, interactive games and virtual displays showcase the history of Estonian money, the activities and role of the Bank of Estonia in the eurozone and how money is made.

You can have a chat with the waxworks of the cultural figures who once featured on Estonian kroons, check the authenticity of bills and differentiate real bills from forged ones, predict the economic development, and manage the external assets of the central bank.

At the museum shop, you can exchange Estonian kroons into euros or buy souvenir coins and other souvenirs. You can also pre-book a tour.

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  • vivian L vivian L
    A real gem outside the Old Town and with free entrance

    I had noticed this gorgeous building before and thanks to TA photos I recognized this attraction and with excellent opening hours it was my obvious choice for this weekend's trip. The facade gives...

  • Vanessa P Vanessa P

    The building itself is worth visiting even if you don't enjoy the museum. There's a lot of interactive activities and displays and everything is in English. The vault shouldn't be missed and is super...

  • Tia S Tia S
    entertaining and free

    My friend and I stumbled upon this museum when our cruise ship docked in Tallinn for the day. The museum is free and we thoroughly enjoyed going in the old bank vaults (including auditory reenactment...

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