Bank of Happiness Piques Interest of International Media

19. July 2013

Estonia's unique Bank of Happiness caught the attention of two major media outlets this week.

The Bank of Happinesssets itself apart because it doesn't involve money or credit. Founded five years ago in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, it's actually a forum in which more than 2 000 civic-minded individuals from Estonia and other countries connect to offer or receive services free of charge.

The site carries more than 500 ads in English, German and Estonian from people offering or seeking all kinds of things, including tutoring, tips on baking and business, and even juggling lessons. The website is also translated into French and Spanish.

Founder Airi Kivi says the goal is to make people think and act with their hearts.

To read the full article on the Bank of Happiness in Huffington Post, go here. Follow this link if you would like to hear the radio segment on the Bank of Happiness that was featured on the USA's nation public radio (NPR) and read the accompanying article.