Beach Cinema opened in Pärnu

06. June 2012

On the 6th of June Pärnu’s first regular outdoor cinema, The Beach Cinema opened its first season. Located next to the Pärnu beach promenade and park, the Beach Cinema brings screenings from cinema classics to prohibited films.

As a nearly 100 days long summer film festival, the Beach Cinema will deliver handpicked films from cinema classics, cult films, new films, carefully chosen humour, scandalous cinema, prohibited movies, and premiers. “In the beginning of July we will screen mainly awarded films from 2010 and 2011 – previous years’ film harvest has been unbelievably great” said Aivar Laan, founder of the Beach Cinema.

The Beach Cinema belongs to the Rooftop Cinema Ltd. that started its third season in May this year. “We have successfully started the Rooftop Cinema – we have created a brand with unique characteristics that results in satisfied customers. Good things should be shared with others, therefore we decided to build a summer Beach Cinema with a cosmopolitan atmosphere,” Laan commented.

The Beach Cinema’s project is seasonal and operates only during summer months. With the total area of 1000 m2 the Beach Cinema holds up to 450 film friends who can enjoy movies from the giant screen. There are comfortable cinema deckchairs, sheltered rainproof terraces, chill beanbags’ area and café with two bars. Silent Cinema type Wi-Fi headphones are provided for personal on the spot use – that way a whole new experience is created. There are warm plaids for a cooler evenings and small outdoor swimming pool for hotter ones. 

During daytime the Beach Cinema operates as a sun terrace and café where you get the feeling of being on a private beach. Beach Cinema’s café follows modern Nordic cuisine – fresh and seasonal flavours. Chef de cuisine is highly recognized Dmitri Fomenko who has previously worked as a head chef for restaurant ‘Ö’.

The Beach Cinema is open every day from 6th of June – 2nd September, 12:00 – 02:00, in July until 03:00. 

Ticket is required for the evening. Free entrance for daytime visitors.

Regular ticket is 6€. Seat on a sheltered terrace in a VIP booth is 10€ - upholstered furniture for 5-6 people, 4-5 café chairs, table for dining, table service throughout the film. Tickets can be purchased from Piletilevi sales points or online