Bog-shoeing in Soomaa

Everyone who heads out on one of these hikes in Soomaa is given a pair of bog-shoes and led by a local guide, who will instruct you and tell you interesting stories about the area. You will get to experience the thrill of walking in places that would otherwise be inaccessible.
Did you know...? *Bog-shoes have been around for a long time - they were first used by our ancestors for exactly the same purpose as they are today!

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  • AdventurePhiles AdventurePhiles
    Intimate contact with unique landscape.

    We did two different trips with Soomaa. The first was a night canoe trip on the Raudna River that began at 7:30 and lasted two hours. Aivar was a wonderful guide in our canoe. We began with a bit of...

  • Inkyhwang Inkyhwang
    Night canoe trip

    My friend and I went for this wonderful night trip in sooma national park. It was terrific! Our guide picked us up at our accommodation and helpd us get mosquito spray (which was found to be great...

  • ErritKuldkepp ErritKuldkepp
    Full Moon Canoe Trip

    This was truly a magnificent experience, to be in the canoe of 3, in the middle of a late night and glide through the river almost 7 km. Aivar Ruukel and his team are doing a splendid job, creating...

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