Bog shoeing in the Kõnnu Swamp

About the hike. The bog shoeing hike begins in the car park of the Järvi Pärnjärve campsite.

At the end of the hike, you can enjoy a picnic, sit around a campfire and talk about the hike.

About the bog. Kõnnu Swamp has a special atmosphere. A lake that rests between eskers in a giant basin has paludified over the course of thousands of years. The surface of this light-filled swamp is densely covered with bog-pools. The beautiful panoramic view to the otherworldly landscape that is ornate with bonsai-like pines can be enjoyed from the top of the lookout tower that has been erected in the middle of the swamp near Lake Paukjärv.

Minimum group size is 10 persons.

Features and amenities
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