Bogshoe hikes in Rubina bog

A bogshoe hike is suitable for anyone capable of hiking.

We would like to invite you and your friends (a minimum of 10 people) to a bogshoe hike in Rubina bog that is located in Helme Rural Municipality in Valga County.

Rubina is an exciting place – it has numerous hollows, pools and lakes. In addition, there are many birds. This is an undiscovered treasure in Valga County!

In Rubina, bogshoe hikes take place during all seasons. We use special bogshoes. The hike lasts up to 4 hours; this includes a picnic.

We have a guide who shares helpful tips and introduces the bog.

We cooperate with other tourism companies in the region, so additionally, we can offer accommodation, sauna and catering.

Features and amenities
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