Café and restaurant at the Avinurme 'Way of Life' Centre

The cuisine of the 'Way of Life' Centre relies on local traditional food. When preparing and serving food, we follow local traditions that have been influenced by our location in the midst of the Alutaguse woods and the proximity of Avijõe and Lake Peipsi. This means that, in addition to vegetables, our menu emphasizes edibles gathered from the forest, wild game and fish from Lake Peipsi.

If the client wants and orders in advance, we can make fresh and delicious meals straight from the oven and stove. Oven-warm pastries, pies and sweet breads fill the house with a delicious homely aroma and taste wonderfully.

Groups of up to 15 people can participate in cooking workshops and make sweet bread, macaroons, muffins, etc.

Features and amenities
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