Source: Foto Kadri Jäätma

Ceramics Hall of Katariina Guild

The Ceramics Hall of Katariina Guild is an open ceramics workshop where you can observe the process of creating ceramic items and then purchase the pieces you liked from the adjacent gallery.

The Ceramics Hall was founded in 1995 by ceramicists Ülle Rajasalu and Kadri Jäätma. Later, they were joined by Virve Kerm, Jarõna Ilo, Jane Paadimeister and Marit Ditmann.

Although all the masters of the Ceramics Hall are artists with a unique and distinct style, their creation is characterized by simplicity and Nordic minimalism.

In the Ceramics Hall, you can order custom-made items which are created in cooperation between the client and artist.

Our ceramicists also organize courses for those interested in ceramics.

Features and amenities
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