Christmas city of Tartu!

14. December 2009

Once again Tartu Town Hall Square becomes the Christmas City of Tartu. As is already a tradition, this Saturday the Tartu Town Hall Square becomes the Christmas City of Tartu, where exciting activities and events take place almost every day of the week. This year all the activities are centred on the Hanseatic barge "Jõmmu" placed in the middle of the square.

Christmas City of Tartu events start on 28 November when people are invited to  take  part in the tarring of the barge "Jõmmu". Until Christmas Eve the Hanseatic  barge  "Jõmmu" hosts a number of workshops, dance acts, singers, choirs and all kinds of different performers on its deck and around it.

The  rest  of  the  Town Hall Square is filled with a traditional Christmas market,  there  is also a carousel for children, genuine sledge dogs, horse and  a  sleigh  and  of course the City’s Christmas Tree. Another Christmas Market  is  opened at the St. Anthony’s Courtyard on 17 – 20 December and a
Christmas  fair  will  be  held  on 19 December on the Town Hall Square and around it.

The  focuses  of  this  year’s  Christmas  City  of Tartu are the Christmas traditions  and  customs  of  the  Northern  lands.

As a demonstration five Christmas  trees  on  the  Town  Hall Square are decorated according to the
traditions  of Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and there are a lot  of  different  lectures  and  workshops  introducing  the  Christmas traditions  of  those lands. The cafes around the Town Hall Square are also offering the traditional Christmas dishes of those lands.

All throughout December and on almost every day there are a lot of concerts and  other  interesting  events  that  can  be  found  on  the  website and