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Christmas in Tartu 2016

Together with all the Christmas lights a very special meeting place – Forest of Swings – will come into view on Town Hall Square of Tartu. It is set up by so-called swing-smiths, craftsmen well respected throughout centuries for creating meeting points where people love to get together, share the news and celebrate.

Christmas City Tartu 2016 truly stands by the old belief that swings and swinging facilitates the good health of people and challenges any specific time frame forced upon this fun and much loved tradition – this Christmas winter and swings it is! Right on Town Hall Square!

Come and join the crowd in the Forest of Swings to meet up, listen to the music, enjoy the activities and all the happy hustle and bustle the season has to offer!

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Tartu, Tartu Raekoja plats

Christmas in Tartu 2016

27.11.2016 - 15.01.2017, 16:00

Christmas in Tartu 2017

03.12 - 24.12.2017, 16:00

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