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Cocktail Bar Butterfly Lounge

The owners doubling as bartenders of the Cocktail Bar Butterfly Lounge, with its colourful interior inspired by butterflies, have won over 50 international awards between the two of them. In the evenings, the bar is a busy place; in addition to cocktails, the Butterfly Lounge also serves delicious meals from its versatile menu from the moment it opens until late at night.

Acoustic concerts of popular Estonian singers take place frequently; at the weekends, DJ's and various artists perform.

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  • Rosaura S Rosaura S

    It is ok, the prices are good. The cocktails as well, good place to take some relax time for business talks

  • Heikki H Heikki H
    Relax with Cocktails

    We did go there to have some rest and enjoy cocktails. And that we did do. We get really good service and did enjoy some great cocktails too. Service attitude was great too. If you want to have some...

  • VeraStah VeraStah
    If you are thirsty for a cocktail… that’s the place for you!

    Quite cool hipster looking place, nice and colorful. Great atmosphere, helpful and friendly staff and cocktails… VERY delicious cocktails! Me and my husband both liked this place a lot. We for sure...

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