Source: Sportland Kõrvemaa Matka- ja Suusakeskus

Come to Kõrvemaa health tracks!

We would like to invite everyone to have a bit of exercise on Kõrvemaa health tracks! The tracks are perfect for a run in the forest, cycling or Nordic walking. Kõrvemaa health tracks are marked with arrows, making the tracks safer to use.

 • 1.5 km track – a relaxing health track that is perfect for novices and children.
 • 3 and 5 km tracks – energetic and fast tracks with ascents and descents. Careful when descending! These are suitable for Nordic walking and a run in the forest.
 • 19 and 24 km tracks – takes you along fantastically beautiful landscape, swamps and fens. Wonderful bog lakes are also nearby.
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