Source: Sportland Kõrvemaa Matka- ja Suusakeskus

Cycling trip along eskers and swimming in 9 bog lakes in Kõrvemaa

Challenge yourself and the nature: can you cross all eskers and swim in all nine bog lakes?

North Kõrvemaa is an area covered with "mountains", swamps and lakes, also known as Estonia's Swizerland. "Mountains" are actually steep eskers, characteristic of this region, as are sandstone outcrops, forests and fens.
We offer an opportunity to go on an exciting hike by having an adventure on these "mountains" and relaxing in the waters of the picturesque bog lakes.

Price includes the services of a tour guide, equipment needed for the hike (incl. bikes) and catering.
The price applies to up to 10 participants. The length of the trip is up to 23 km.

Features and amenities
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