Design Night lights up September

31. August 2013

The 8th annual 4-day festival explores the importance and function of design and its influence on lifestyle and society.

The programme includes seminars, workshops, exhibitions, competitions and performances scattered around Kalamaja, Rotermann Quarter and Tallinn city centre. This year’s event pays homage to the Year of Cultural Heritage in Estonia. 
The visitors have a chance to follow “Back to the Roots of Estonian Design” competition, aim of which is to gather resourceful tips from the past for creating products which are personal and unique to the local area. The festival also hosts the Estonian Design Awards 2013 for Graphic and Web Design. 
The programme also includes inventing workshops for children, and the food design workshop ‘Grandma’s Design Competition’ invites all grandmothers to bake cakes and introduces the cake recipes of grandmothers across Europe.
The Design Night Club is set up for the duration of the festival, for networking, exchanging ideas and for carrying the festival vibe into the night.
The Design Night will take place on 26th – 29th of September.
For more information on design in Tallinn, take a look at the Design Map and mobile app.