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Dr. Fr. R. Kreutzwald Memorial Museum

The museum features the home of Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald (1803-1882), a physician and the founder of Estonian national literature, in Võru and gives a good overview of his activities. His living quarters reflect the interior design typical of the time; the garden house accommodates literary exposition. In the storehouse there is an exhibition of art inspired by Kreutzwald’s writings, reprints and translations of his works. The stable features different vehicles and the fairy-tale room several ethnographic objects.
There are also a cellar, sauna, well, garden and an arbour in the museum complex. The activity room is designed for handicraft, drawing and constructing.

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  • Talisman1777 Talisman1777
    Интересная экспозиция!

    Мне в музее было интересно посмотреть дом и врачебный кабинет доктора и основателя эстонской литературы Фридриха Рейнхольда Крейцвальда.,увидеть его личные вещи.Познавательно

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