Dream Holi Festival 2014 - first colour festival in Estonia

24. July 2014

A festival of colours for the first time in Estonia on the 16th of August at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds!

The roots of this event go back far to the past. Festival HOLI captured the hearts of residents in Europe and British colony already in the 17th century. Festival HOLI (also known as The Festival of the Beginning of Spring / The Festival of Love and of course, as the Festival of Colors) – it is an ancient Indian festival with many traditions and rituals. Holi is known as a cheerful holiday in honor of the victory of good over evil and  involves all family members, young and old. 

One of the main rituals of the festival is a game of colors, during which participants shower each other with colored powders. There are no rules, there are no hard feelings, there are just pure joy, jokes and fun.

Dream HOLI is an open air festival, where there are no age limits for the guests. 


At Statoil gas stations and Piletilevi ticket offices across Estonia.


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Facebook: facebook.com/dreamholi