Emumägi hill

Emumägi hill is the highest point in the Pandivere uplands and indeed the highest point in northern Estonia. The top of the hill is home to a viewing tower which offers stunning views over the surrounding environment, with the Endla bogs and Alutaguse forests in the distance. In addition to the viewing tower there is also the famous ‘Emumemm’ wooden hut, the ‘house of the rising sun’, an old cemetery and camping and picnic sites.
Did you know…? *Emumägi hill is 166.5 metres above sea level and 80 metres from foot to peak *According to legend, the hill was formed from earth dug out of the Peetla bog by the horse ridden by Kalevipoeg, the hero of the Estonian epic

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  • GreteSmiles GreteSmiles
    Cool when you're around

    There's a wooden viewing tower up on the hill from where you'll see the typical Estonian landscape: flat and covered with forest/fields. Have some small cash with you as there's (surprisingly) a...

  • Maksim P Maksim P
    nice view

    the ticket was 80 cents. most of the guys didnt bring cash, cause nobody knew it is not free :( the lady selling the tickets is very cheerful and friendly.

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