Due to this change in legislation, Estonia has become a better shopping destination for tourists than Finland, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania, where the lower boundary of tax-free purchases is higher than in Estonia. In Estonia, the prices for luxury items are also cheaper than in many neighboring countries.

Lowering the tax-free boundary before the Christmas season means that Estonia has become an ideal destination for all visitors from outside of the European Union: Japan, USA Canada etc. It is especially ideal for Russian citizens who have traditionally had the practice of doing their holiday shopping in Estonia. Acquiring an Estonian visa has also been made easier for Russian citizens; the application can now be done via courier service.

In order to receive tax redemption on goods purchased from Estonia, the client must ask the Merchant for a tax redemption stamp on the receipt. When leaving the country, the customs service temple must be attained and then the receipt can be redeemed at local Global Refund bureaus.

For more information regarding the global tax-free system, read more at http://www.globalrefund.com/ and about applying for a visa via courier service in Russia, please check out http://www.ponyexpress.ru/services_visa_estonia.php.