Estonia to reintroduce border control at its internal borders during the meeting of NATO

22. March 2010

For security reasons, Estonia will reintroduce border control at its internal borders during the unofficial meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers from 17 – 23 April in Tallinn.

Border control shall be reintroduced in order to ensure safety and public order during an unofficial NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting taking place in April.

  • Border control will be applied to persons entering Estonia at the Estonian-Latvian border, as well as at ports and airports.
  • The requirements of customs-, sanitary-, veterinary- and fytosanitary control will not be implemented during temporary border check. 
  • Crossing of the border in the area between border crossing points is not permitted during this time period of reintroduction of border control.
  • EU citizens can enter Estonia at the internal border of Schengen area by presenting a travel document or an ID-card. Third country citizens must carry a travel document (passport) and a document proving the rights to enter Schengen area when crossing the border.
  • In general all border crossing points are open 24h (see the attached list of border crossing points).

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