Estonia tops most popular global tourist destinations

28. July 2011

54% year on year growth in flight searches on the SkyScanner website Estonia has come top of the latest poll of where the British like to holiday.

Top 10 Emerging Summer Destination for British Travellers

1.    Estonia +54%
2.    Madagascar +48%
3.    Iraq +37%
4.    Bosnia & Herzegovina +36%
5.    Cape Verde +33%
6.    Malawi +30%
7.    Bulgaria +26%
8.    Thailand +23%
9.    Bangladesh +21%
10.    Philippines +20%

1. Estonia

Estonia saw the biggest rise in interest compared to summer 2010,
with a 54% increase in flight searches on the Skyscanner site. Tallinn’s
status as a European Capital of Culture this year, which includes a
programme of events and exhibitions, has led to increased publicity and
evidently attracted many British tourists. Find flights to Tallinn

Data is for flight searches made on the Skyscanner site during January to
June 2011 for departures from UK airports in July and August in 2010
versus the same travel and search periods for 2010. Only the top 100
most popular countries overall were analysed.