Estonian Air customers can use video flight check-in via Skype

18. November 2011

Estonian Air is among the first airlines using Skype to check in cooperation with Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.

The Internet-based video phone service enables passengers to call in Moscow Sheremetyevo on Skype using its “svo_checkin” Skype username. During a video call, passengers will be asked to state their last name, flight details and to display their passport. In addition, they may print out their boarding pass at the end of the session.

“We are excited of being among the first airlines in the world to include the new service and to bring in innovative technology to make the travel of our passengers even more smooth and convenient,”said Rauno Parras, the Commercial Manager of Estonian Air.

In addition to the new video flight check-in via Skype and traditional check-in, Estonian Air passengers are using internet check-in or check-in kiosks. Within last two years, the amount of people using internet check-in or check-in kiosk has risen twice: in 2009 only 11.5% of travellers were using the possibility, a year later the amount was 19%, and this summer already 21%.
37.5% of all passengers travelling to Estonia are using self services. The most active check-in kiosk users are in Scandinavia, were 70% of all passengers are using them.