Estonian Air gives wings to the European Capital of Culture

22. April 2010

Estonian Air and Foundation Tallinn 2011 signed on Tuesday, 20.04.2010, the partnership agreement, under which both partners will tightly cooperate in terms of presentation Culture Capital Tallinn 2011 in Europe.

According to the cooperation agreement Estonian Air becomes an official carrier of Tallinn 2011 until the end of the year 2011.

 After the signing of the agreement a special aircraft, Boeing 737-500 (also known as Oskar) decorated with Capital of Culture logotypes was presented. The aircraft will fly to the majority of Estonian Air direct destinations in Europe.

 This is undoubtedly the most complicated advertising ever laid on the outer sides of vehicle in Estonia.

 The aircraft covered with Tallinn 2011 logos serves approximately 85 000 passengers per year and will deliver the message of Tallinn as the European Capital of Culture to the tens of millions pair of eyes. 

 „The success of Estonian Air’s activity depends on how well Tallinn and Estonia are known abroad. This is why the cooperation with the Foundation Tallinn 2011 is extremely important for us. The title of the European Capital of Culture and delivering this message to the different European cities is an outstanding possibility to present Tallinn and Estonia. This will definitely help to increase knowledge about Estonia,” said Andrus Aljas, the President and CEO of Estonian Air.

 According to the agreement Tallinn 2011 booklets and souvenirs are distributed on Estonian Air aircraft, publications of Tallinn 2011 articles in the onboard magazine, adding the events calendar on the Estonian Air’s website; introducing Estonian Air as the official carrier of Tallinn 2011 in different information and advertizing channels and other publications of the Foundation Tallinn 2011.

 „We are proud to announce, that the first sponsorship agreement of that kind and volume has been signed with our national airline, with whom we have one big common purpose - to promote Estonia and Tallinn in order to bring here culture tourists from all over the world,” said Jaanus Mutli, the board member of the Foundation Tallinn 2011. Mutli also invited on his welcoming speech all other enterprises to support activities of the European Capital of Culture. “This dignified agreement of cooperation definitely won’t be the last one,” he added.

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