The regularity of Estonian Air was 98.5%, which stayed more or less on the same level y-o-y (0.5 percentage points lower y-o-y).  The punctuality and regularity of Estonian Air Boeing operations were 91.2% and 99.6% respectively.

For comparison, the averages of punctuality and regularity of AEA (Association of European Airlines) members, unifying the major 36 European airlines, during the period November 2008 to March 2009:
- the punctuality of AEA members on average was 83.2%, which shows that in average 83.2 out of every 100 flights departed on time (within 15 minutes of schedule).  
- the regularity of AEA members on average was 98.1%, which shows that in average airlines cancelled 1.9 out of every 100 flights.

AEA is
publishing its members’ punctuality and other data, and ranks them by results. For example, the most punctual air carrier is Tarom Romanian Airlines (92.4%), followed by Luxair (91.9%) and Icelandair (90.2%).
Comparing Estonian Air and AEA members’ results on the punctuality, will place Estonian national air carrier on the third place (90.3%).