Estonian Air's new aircraft will carry names Lotte and Bruno

25. February 2011

Estonian Air's brand new Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen aircraft are named Lotte and Bruno. Altogether, 9734 names were proposed on the Estonian Air website during the name contest.

"Since we have two identical new generation planes, the name pair had to fit with each other as well as the type of the aircraft. Lotte and Bruno stood out from other name pairs as popular domestic cartoon and book characters from Leiutajateküla (inventors village), whose characters match our renewal concept,“ explained Rauno Parras, Vice President Commercial of Estonian Air.
And, like a good friend Albert later joined Lotte and Bruno, so will the third Estonian Air’s plane arrive next year.

“The cornerstone of our renewal concept is the fleet upgrade with modern and comfortable aircraft, so does the concept of choosing Lotte and Bruno differ from earlier aircraft names in terms of their characters, who are modern and innovative. The same time nationality and Estonian character are still a common denominator of all the names of Estonian Air’s aircraft. For Estonian Air it is a matter of honour to contribute to increasing Estonian brand awareness in the world, "added Parras.

The godparent of both aircraft is welcome as special guest together with a companion on board of Estonian Air’s new CRJ aircraft to enjoy the flight.
A special prize will be given to the author who proposed the name "Tartu" - which was Estonian Air’s Facebook fans' biggest favourite.
The winners will be contacted personally.

For further information:
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