Estonian Health Care Museum

The Estonian Health Care Museum that is located in the Old Town of Tallinn was established in 1924. The museum has a permanent exhibition on anatomy and health care, and collects heritage related to the history of medicine in Estonia.

In addition, the museum is also a training facility that uses illustrative displays to explain health care topics in a visual and engaging manner.

The Museum offers:

- A guided tour of the exhibition

- Various museum lessons

- Facilities for organising birthday parties

- Rooms for rent for special events

 Healthy mind is in a healthy body! Come and explore!

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  • ThiagoBilli ThiagoBilli
    What a nice surprise!!!

    The Museum is entertaining. Not only for Doctors, we stayed there for almost 2 hours. Small, cozy and well organized. Nice surprise in a magic city.

  • Mark T Mark T
    Modern, interactive and interesting

    This place surprise me in positive way. Well organized, with interactive exercises which is interesting for kids and for adults. You will learn something new about your body. Be ready for 1,5 - 2 h...

  • 53paupaul53 53paupaul53
    The Biology of Your Body

    This museum sounded different, but I wasn't really expecting too much. To my surprise, I spent well over an hour getting to know a lot more about all the intricacies of the assorted functions my...

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