Estonian History Museum — Great Guild Hall

The mediaeval Great Guild Hall has always played an important role in the life of the city. The permanent exhibition at the History Museum "SPIRIT OF SURVIVAL. 11,000 years of Estonian History" (opened in 2011) helps to understand the singularity of the people who have lived in Estonia and introduces historical events that have affected them the most. The exhibition discloses the story of Estonian past through rooms with different topics, such as the Gun Room that tells about wars, the exhibition "Power of the Elite" that talks about the Great Guild and mediaeval trade. You can also see different currencies and take part in historical events in the interactive time capsule.

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  • Mazmannan Mazmannan
    Great and grand

    The Great Guild is a Gothic style building that was built in the early 15th century. It is typical of medieval architecture. It was built as a guild for traders who operated in Tallinn. The...


    A lovely easy way to learn the history of Tallinn, which is very well told in pictures & artifacts with added sound effects. Relates events that happened in the Great Guild Hall which was very much...

  • genibre69 genibre69
    Nicely presented museum with some missed opportunities

    The exhibit on the guilds and their celebratory culture was very interesting. The rest of the museum is spacious and whilst the video on the country's prehistory and medieval history is interesting...

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