The Seaplane harbour traces it's origins to the early 20th century. In 1913 research work commenced on constructing an airfield, part of the Peter the Great' sea fortress (nowadays called Patarei). At the beginning of March 1916, Colonel Aleksandr Jaron, responsible for the construction works, send bids to 11 local and foreign companies to design the hangars, which were then rather modestly referred to as reinforced concrete sheds.
The seaplane hangars distinctive shell concrete structures demonstrate engineering 20 years ahead of its time. The aim of the exposition is to introduce the development of maritime technology and Estonian maritime history. The interactive museum will be the first step in opening Tallinn seaside that has been a closed and neglected area since Soviet occupation.
Seaplane Harbour tickets will cost 7 EUR for adults and 15 EUR for family tickets or 4 EUR for discount tickets.