Estonian Traditional Music Centre

This centre, which was completed next to the ruins of the old castle in Viljandi in 2008, is a contemporary concert hall and cultural centre. The first floor is home to two concert halls, one large and one small, seating 407 and 80 people respectively. There is also a shop selling a wide range of traditional music CDs, books and instruments. In the basement, beneath majestic arches, musicians practise their art, the August Pulst music school holds classes and the traditional music archives operate.

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  • Łukasz S Łukasz S
    For everybody, great way to learn about the country

    Center for traditional music seems to be an interesting place not only for music lovers, but just for about everybody - lots of cool stuff to see, bunch of concerts, exhibitions going on and cozy...

  • NewYorkHildreth NewYorkHildreth
    Cultivating Youth to Keep Traditions Alive

    The center attracts young people from the village to learn and share not only music but traditional crafts, such as basket-making, the exhibition that I saw. The rooftop restaurant has good food and...

  • Milesandmore2013 Milesandmore2013

    В старинном здании в центре Вильянди рядом с парком находится этот центр. Там не только зальчики для исполнения, но и библиотека, и комнаты для занятий. Когда мы туда зашли, было много родителей с...

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