Estonia’s best restaurants have been identified

31. October 2012

For the third consecutive year, restaurant Alexander, in Pädaste Manor, was declared the winner in the competition of the best restaurants in Estonia, organised by the Flavours of Estonia programme. Restaurant Tchaikovsky placed second and OKO came in third.

The top 10 also included Chedi (4th), Põhjaka (5th), Leib (6th), Moon (7th), Neh (8th), Bordoo (9th) and Ribe (10th) closing out the top ten. The complete list of rankings can be viewed on the website of the Flavours of Estonia programme:

  “This year, an important requirement was distinctly added to the restaurant aspiring to be the best – more quality for less money. More of simple and pure flavours, less visually attractive masterpieces on the plate,” said Aivar Hanson, head of the Flavours of Estonia programme. “Old-fashioned representative restaurants face great difficulties. Both in Estonia and elsewhere,” said Hanson.

  The best restaurant was selected by employees of restaurants and food journalists, as well as food bloggers from Estonia and abroad. “Every voter was able to nominate seven restaurants they liked the most by ranking them in order. Every nomination grants points to the restaurant and the best 50 will be included in the ranking list based on the sum of their points,” said Hanson.

  The evaluation included renowned experts in their field from Finland, Sweden and Russia.

“They thought that the level of our leading chefs is very high. “But the skills to choose drinks to go with the food are not that competent,” said Hanson.

 The Flavours of Estonia programme began in 2008, and it supports the development of culinary skills and introduces Estonia as a country of good food.

The Baron Philippe De Rothschild wine estate is a partner in the Flavours of Estonia programme, helping to select the best restaurants in Estonia. The purpose of this partnership is to value and inspire the best local culinary specialists, those who put their heart and soul into their work, in order to promote the food and wine culture in Estonia through mutually supportive collaboration.

  The BARON PHILIPPE DE ROTHSCHILD wine estate belongs to the Rothschild family, which has an influential and colourful history. It is one of the most dignified and highly esteemed wine estates in France, holding the Bordeaux Premier Grand Cru status, and their Mouton Cadet wine is the best-selling Bordeaux wine in the world. This status is far from being merely a privilege, but is instead the result of the consistent will to become better, along with a passion towards what they do and sharing it with other people enjoying wine and food on both sides of the kitchen counter.