European Capital of Culture Tallinn hosts the favourite storytellers of the world

21. March 2011

European Capital of Culture Tallinn hosts the favourite storytellers of the world

Next month on the 10th of April one of the favourites of world storytelling festivals Jan Blake (UK) will take over the stage.

The opening event will take place on March 20th in Hobuveski (Horse Mill) in Lai Street 47 at 18.00.
On the World Day of Storytelling the internationally renowned storyteller and writer Dovie Thomason will tell stories of her native Lakota and Kiowa apaches. Thomason, who has told stories on the stages of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and London Barbican Theatre, will bring listeners to the events she learned about while listening to old Indian stories as a child.

„Most simply, storytelling is CULTURE.  It is the way my indigenous culture explains its values to each successive generation of our people to ensure the perpetuation of culture and values from generation to generation.  Many cultures, globally, have used storytelling in this way to preserve ancestral memories and wisdom and to ensure strong communities with shared values.  As well as being a way to inform "us" about "ourselves", storytelling is a way of explaining what we find to be significant or true in our experience  when we are creating relationships with "others".“ Thomason explains the mystical nature of storytelling.

The storytelling night will be led by Piret Päär. The stories will be translated into Estonian.
Tickets are available at Piletilevi for 4 EUR, box office 5 EUR.

On March 20th at 15.00 Dovie Thomason will run a public workshop to present her 30 year experience as a storyteller and the meaning of storytelling for her. The workshop will take place in the Tallinn City Library Gallery Hall, Estonia pst 8.
To join the workshop for free please sign up at:

The next performer of the storytelling series is one of Europe’s foremost storytellers Jan Blake from the UK. The Jamaican native will tell stories from Africa and the Caribbean sea on April 10th. In May Clare Murphy from Ireland will tell Irish and Celtic stories. From May to November there are storytellers from France, Hungary and Sweden to be expected.

The storytelling series is organised by Rahvakultuuri Arendus- ja Koolituskeskus and NPO Armastus. The series is part of the programme of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011.