This year’s conference will focus on the theme, “Balancing Sustainability and Profitability,” addressing timely issues and challenges facing the ecotourism community in Europe and around the world. The conference will bring together about 200 experts and green tourism enthusiasts from 27 countries including those from outside Europe, America, Australia, Nepal and China. The program will utilize methods to engage visitors in productive discussions, allowing everyone to actively participate in knowledge sharing and learning from experiences across the globe.

 In the days before and after the conference, delegates will take part in various tours, offering the Estonian ecotourism experience such as Sea-Kayaking on Pärnu Bay, Wilderness trip to Soomaa National park and Autumn Bird Migration on the coasts of the Baltic Sea.

The conference is funded by European Union Social Fund.  For detailed information please view the conference website

 Additional Information:

Aivar Ruukel

Chairman of the Estonian Ecotourism

Phone: 5061896