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Fishfest 2015

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Method of payment: Cash

Viljandi Fishfest is an inseparable part of Estonian winter; the event lasts 3 days. During the annual festival, over 10,000 people gather to fish and chase the 50,000 euro jackpot.

For the fourth time, the Fishfest takes place in Viljandi by the picturesque Lake Viljandi. The goal of the fishing competition of the Fishfest is to catch marked fish (perches, roaches, ruffs). A specific mark awards its capturer a Renault Captur. If the fish with the car marker is not caught, lot is drawn between all who caught marked fish to determine who receives the car.
During the opening ceremony of the festival, visitors can enjoy performances by Getter Jaani, Justament and the legendary Terminaator. There is also a spectacular fireworks show and other surprises!

Times and prices

Fishfest 2015

  • Viljandi
  • 13.02 - 15.02.2015, 09:00
Adult: 10 €
Child: 8 €
Pensioner: 8 €